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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Peter Lord, a writer and pastor from Florida, gives a quiz at the beginning of his book, Turkeys and Eagles. Take it and tell me what you think. The first 9 are True or False questions.

1. A good description of a Christian is "a sinner saved by grace."
2. You can sin and not know it.
3. It is normal for a Christian to sin every day.
4. A bad thought is a sin.
5. It is easier for a christian to sin than to do right.
6. The closer we get to Christ, the less we will be tempted.
7. We get closer to Christ through acts of righteousness.
8. Sainthood is attained by only a few Christians.
9. To be tempted is a sign of inward sinfulness.
10. How many sins have you committed today? (You may approximate.)
11. How many acts of righteousness have you committed today?
12. How righteous is Christ on a scale of 1-100?
13. How righteous are you on a scale of 1-100?


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