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Friday, April 14, 2006

Here are my thoughts on the quiz questions, starting with number one.

1. A good description of a Christian is a “sinner saved by grace.”

Peter Lord says that this one is FALSE. This phrase appears nowhere in the Bible, and while it may be an accurate statement, it is an inaccurate description. In other words, it accurately describes what happened to you, but it is does not describe who you are as someone whom God has transformed into a new creature. The Bible ofetn describes Christians as saints - “holy ones.” He points out that the emphasis on still being a sinner is contrary to how God describes who you are now. But what about those who say that Romans 7 describes the Christian life? Paul writes, “I am unspiritual, sold as a slave to sin.” and “What a wretched man I am!” But is this really how Paul describes his spiritual condition? Or rather, is he describing the human condition in general? Romans 8 makes the answer clear; vs. 9 for example, “You, however, are controlled not by the sinful nature but by the Spirit...”

I agree whole-heartedly with Lord (and THE Lord as well, I believe). I think Christians hang on to this description of themselves as a “sinner saved by grace” for several reasons -- it sounds humble, it keeps them from being disappointed with themselves, it seems to give all credit to God for their salvation, etc. However, what it reveals is unbelief and a partial rejection of the full salvation of Christ, akin to the sentiment revealed in the old bumper sticker, “Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven.” Our great salvation is much more than forgiveness; it is a complete transformation. Those who refuse to believe this truth will also refuse to walk in it.


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Great post! I found your blog through your excellent comment on Ben Witherington's blog. You have some very interesting and thoughtful reflections here.

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